Florida Child Custody Laws

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Florida Child Custody Laws

Florida is a very special place for romance, but all love stories won't have a happy ending. And when these stories have children in them, then it is difficult to find which laws can apply to the custody of the child. Below we have given a short outline of the child custody laws that exist in Florida. It is best to consult a reputed and knowledgeable child custody lawyer to get a fast and beneficial decision for your child custody after divorce.

Child Custody Laws

The laws for child custody are different in every state, so it is key for parents to be knowledgeable about the specific custody rules and the regulations in their respective states. These laws are typically created regarding how the decisions on the custody of the child can be reached. For example, how will the joint custody work for the child? And, whether the rights for visitation can be granted or not. Florida custody laws are in line with the "Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and the Enforcement Act".

Florida Custody Hearings

If you are unable to reach to a decision about the custody of the child with your ex, then it will be required that you attend the custody hearing with the judge. After hearing from both the parties, the judge will then decide about the custody agreement, based on the best interests of the children. Child custody courts in Florida also consider all relevant factors for the decision and will give more thought to the details that will affect child safety and health. Some of these details will also depend on parents, such as:

  • Which parent is more apt to take care of the daily emotional, physical, educational, developmental and needs of the child?
  • Which parent is more apt to maintain a stable, loving, nurturing and the consistent relationship with the child?
  • Which parent is more apt to encourage and seek contact between the child and another parent?

The court will consider all these factors, focusing on the child and his or her preferences, there relationship with the siblings, and the need of continuity and the stability in his or her community, education and the family life. The court will also consider whether the parent has a history of alcohol or drug abuse, physical abuse in the past or present and the criminal charges and convictions.

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The matters of Child custody are difficult, and you will always find it helpful to hire an attorney. They will guide you in all the processes of the courts, and are also experienced and have good knowledge of the law. For more info, you can contact a Florida family lawyer in your area and then discuss the case.

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